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Judge dismisses lawsuit against Berkeley marijuana dispensary

Robert Berring quoted by The Daily Californian, Nov. 2, 2016

“The strange thing was that they chose to go after Berkeley Patients Group, a dispensary which really has been really aboveboard and tried to follow Berkeley’s rules,” Berring said.

Judge’s ruling allows Berkeley Patients Group to continue operations

Robert Berring interviewed by The Daily Californian, February 10, 2015

“Attorney General (Eric) Holder has stated that so long as medical marijuana dispensaries do not violate state laws they will let them alone,” Berring said in an email. “Even the federal judge who has allowed them to keep operating while the case proceeds asked why the government was pursuing this matter.  It beats me.”

Scalia’s remarks on law school renew legal education debate

Robert Berring quoted in National Law Journal, May 23, 2014 (registration required)

“What an honor to be dissed by Justice Scalia,” said professor Robert Berring Jr., who teaches the Berkeley course. “This seminar is devoted to reading the great legal thinkers, from Holmes, Cardozo and Llewellyn all the way to Cover, Bork, Posner and Schauer with many in between. The students do lots of reading and write a serious paper.” Last year, Berring added, “We even read Scalia!”

A lifelong fascination with Chinese law

Bob Berring profiled in China Daily, January 31, 2014
“The Chinese view of history, grounded in a polity that had endured for millennia, fascinated me. What perspective could the American experience bring when the nation had not even lasted as long as a single Chinese dynasty?”

Christopher Edley, dean of Berkeley Law, to resign in December

Jesse Choper and Robert Berring quoted in The Daily Californian, August 19, 2013

Edley redefined Boalt’s financial model and raised “unheard of” amounts of money, according to former Berkeley Law dean and current professor Jesse Choper. He also expanded the faculty and modernized the school’s facilities. “Transformative is one of those overused, trendy words, but that’s what his work was — transformative,” Choper said.

“He came from high-level politics and brought incredible energy and vision,” said Berkeley Law professor Robert Berring.

Real work begins after fruitful talks

Robert Berring quoted in China Daily, April 15, 2013

Berring noted that there is no reason the US and China cannot cooperate in the future. “Rationally, there is no necessary conflict of interest. It is a challenge for the leadership of the US to recognize China as a peer, a nation that must be dealt with as an equal,” he said.

China calls for regional peace

Robert Berring quoted in China Daily, April 14, 2013

“There are short term issues, with the DPRK situation being most prominent, but the long term relationship between China and the United States is more important,” said Bob Berring.

Govt firm in resolve to fight graft

Robert Berring quoted in China Daily, March 28 2013

“Economic reform is difficult. Taking on corruption even more so. The Party and the State must follow his (Li’s) words and seek social equity and balance,” said Robert Berring, a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley, who teaches courses on the Chinese legal system.

Chinese leaders’ goals rational and realistic, US experts say

Robert Berring quoted in China Daily USA, December 19, 2012

Robert Berring, a professor with the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, said China’s leadership is saying all the right things. “China will stay on the right track if these goals are ardently pursued,” Berring said. “China has matured into a world economic colossus. Now it is time to make sure that the colossus has a strong foundation.”

New law Ph.D. meets national scrutiny

Lauren Edelman and Robert Berring quoted in Yale Daily News, September 13, 2012

“The point that Robert Post makes about the possibility of there being a study of law that is independent of other disciplines, I think, is a hard point to make,” said Lauren Edelman…. “It’s somewhat unclear to me what it means to say that [the new Ph.D.] is wholly about law, given that law itself is a field very much populated by Ph.D.s in other disciplines, and much of the legal scholarship takes into account many of the fundamentals and methods represented.”

Bob Berring, a former interim dean of Berkeley Law, said the brand of legal education taught at Yale is already so academic that many in the profession consider it impractical. “I’ve been to five law schools in my time, and, of course, graduates of Yale dominate the legal academy,” Berring said. “But whenever someone from Yale comes up in conversation, someone always makes the joke, ‘But they didn’t go to law school, they went to Yale.'”

UC Berkeley takes novel approach to card game

Robert Berring quoted in China Daily USA, August 3, 2012

“Sanguosha is very popular in China because it’s related to its cultural heritage,” UC Berkeley law professor Robert Berring, the faculty sponsor of the course, said…. “China has such a rich and special history. If you don’t understand that, you cannot possibly understand China,” he said.

UC Berkeley takes novel approach to card game
Robert Berring
quoted in China Daily USA, August 3, 2012
“Sanguosha is very popular in China because it’s related to its cultural heritage,” UC Berkeley law professor Robert Berring, the faculty sponsor of the course, said…. “China has such a rich and special history. If you don’t understand that, you cannot possibly understand China,” he said.

Marjorie Shultz, Robert Berring Discuss Professional Skills

Yale Daily News, January 19, 2012 by Daniel Sisgoreo

There are students at every school in the country who had top scores on [the LSAT] and they’re highly polished applicants — but they bomb,” she said. “Every law firm will tell you that: that they’re not good at lawyering, that they can’t get along with people, that they can’t manage stress.”

Robert Berring, a professor at UC Berkeley’s law school, compared the proposal to an essay published by a pair of law professors after World War II. The essay, which called for several changes to legal education, was highly controversial at the time. “But none of that ever got taken up, and that will probably happen with this too,” he said.

Robert Berring Notes Changes in Legal Research

Slaw, October 31, 2011 by Robert Berring

In the 1980s many law students had never used a computer. As the databases took over, the class morphed. LEXIS and WESTLAW became the standard source of research for the students. Personal computers became ubiquitous. Laptops and smart phones soon followed. The Internet pushed us further. Now Google and Wikipedia rule the land.

Bob Berring Notes Impact of E-Books on Publishers

Public Broadcasting Service, Mediashift, October 3, 2011 by Barbara Hernandez

“It’s difficult for the publishing industry to change over from the traditional model that it’s developed over the centuries,” he said, “and to adapt is really, really hard.”

Robert Berring Says Libraries Must Adapt to New Technologies

NBC Bay Area, September 22, 2011 by Barbara E. Hernandez

“There’s been a profound shift in how people consume information,” said Robert Berring, a law professor who specializes in the publishing industry at the Berkeley School of Law. “My undergrads don’t read in paper form anymore. (If I assign a book) they ask if they can get it on Kindle. . . . It’s going to kill libraries.”

Robert Berring Values Small Bookbinderies

The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2011 by Cari Tuna

Bob Berring, a University of California, Berkeley, law professor and book collector, said small bookbinderies serve an important role, making high-quality bindings for $100 to $200, compared with upscale book artists, who charge up to $5,000 a book.

Robert Berring Searches for a Visionary to Lead Journalism School

The Daily Californian, March 20, 2009 by Arielle Turner

Berring said the committee is looking for someone with a line of respected work and experience in the journalism industry. “You want a visionary that can come and make sure that the journalism school at Berkeley, which has been a leader in the field, stays a leader in the field,” Berring said. “Someone who … can help raise money to make that a reality.”

Robert Berring Seeks Best J-School Dean, Hires Search Firm

Editor & Publisher, February 2, 2009 by Joe Strupp

“It is seldom done,” Berring admitted about the use of a search firm. “We wanted to be sure we were finding the best person we could. The committee has been asked to submit three names to the vice chancellor of the university.”

Robert Berring Points Out Downside of Online Research

Boston Globe, Nov. 23, 2008 by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

In online searches, the researcher tends to follow hyperlink to hyperlink, in a journey that resembles “a plunge down a rabbit hole,” in the words of Robert Berring, a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley who has studied the impact of electronic media. “If you get to an index, a table of contents, you see the environment that surrounds it. In the culture of paper, a lot of these signals are important.”