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Stanford sex assault judge went easy on another student athlete

Nancy Lemon quoted by BuzzFeed, August 26, 2016

The lack of supervision, among other issues was … a “miscarriage of justice,” said Nancy Lemon, a leading authority on domestic violence.

Ray Rice and domestic violence in the NFL

Nancy Lemon interviewed on 95.7-FM, Bucher and Towny, September 9, 2014

“The way that we treat athletes starting in high school going through college and into pro sports often gives them the impression that they are somehow above the rules of ordinary people…. We need to take all abuse seriously, even if it’s just the victim of the abuse saying that it happened.”

Fleeing abuse victim cleared of DUI charge

Nancy Lemon cited by KTVU, January 30, 2014
During the four day trial, Nancy Lemon, UC Berkeley Law lecturer and leading authority on domestic violence, testified that Paulo suffered from battered woman syndrome and had a clear history of being abused physically and emotionally by her boyfriend over several years.

An appealing strategy

Nancy Lemon quoted in California Lawyer Magazine, January 2013

“Statistically, when battered moms bring up domestic violence in mediation before a custody hearing, they are less likely to be awarded custody,” says Nancy Lemon, a UC Berkeley law professor, FVAP’s legal director, and the drafter of section 3044. “It’s baffling. And the only way to reverse these adverse decisions is via appeal.”

Decision on S.F. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi outrages domestic violence activists

Nancy Lemon quoted in San Jose Mercury News, October 11, 2012

One domestic violence expert in particular, however, says that Mirkarimi fits into the abuser narrative: “denying, not taking responsibility, saying it was just a grab, not a big deal,” said Nancy K.D. Lemon…. It is also typical for victims of domestic violence to minimize the actions of their abusers. “There’s mixed messages coming down,” Lemon said Wednesday. “One of the messages is you can do this and get away with it. That’s dangerous. The second is saying the sheriff is held to a lower standard than his own deputies.”

San Francisco trails Bay Area in domestic violence prosecutions

Nancy Lemon quoted in The San Francisco Public Press, September 24, 2012

“They should assume from day one that the victim will not want to participate later on,” said Nancy Lemon, a professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Law and author of the text “Domestic Violence Law.” She called this practice “evidence-based prosecution.”

Two more in Alameda DA’s office caught up in recording debacle

Nancy Lemon cited in The Recorder, May 22, 2012

Legal ethics experts say that the conversation between Manning, who is accused of killing her husband after what she says were years of domestic abuse, and Lemon, a lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Law who specializes in domestic abuse, should never have been recorded at all, let alone used as evidence in a trial.

Ross Mirkarimi’s wife acts to block use of video

Nancy Lemon cited in San Francisco Chronicle, May 8, 2012

On Monday, the mayor’s attorneys filed a list of six expert witnesses likely to be called during removal proceedings before the city’s Ethics Commission…. They include UC Berkeley law school domestic violence expert Nancy Lemon, who wrote “Domestic Violence Law.”

Court OKs Mirkarimi case video, but fight not over

Nancy Lemon mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle, March 10, 2012

On Friday, the trial judge said he would allow UC Berkeley law school lecturer Nancy Lemon, a renowned expert in domestic violence, to take the witness stand for prosecutors…. Lemon also can discuss the typical behavior of batterers and methods they use to exert power and control over their victims.

Nancy Lemon Explains Modern Domestic Violence Laws

SF Weekly, January 10, 2012 by Joe Eskenazi

Lemon says. “A century ago we thought it was a private, family matter. We found a lot of people were hurt―or killed.” Rather than treat domestic violence as a domestic problem, Lemon notes, it is now seen as a crime against the state. That’s why prosecutors can move ahead with charges, even if the alleged victim refuses to cooperate, or even actively opposes the process.

Nancy Lemon and Heather Warnken Rebut Article on Domestic Violence Case

The New York Times, October 13, 2011 by Nancy K. D. Lemon and Heather B. Warnken

There is no special battered woman’s defense. What we are talking about is evidentiary support — highly relevant and admissible — as to whether or not the defendant reasonably believed that her life was in danger.

Nancy Lemon Applauds SCOTUS Prison Ruling

San Francisco Chronicle, May 26, 2011 by Nancy K.D. Lemon

Most women now going to prison (and many men) are there for nonviolent crimes such as drug possession—why are we spending an average of $50,000 per year per person to lock them up when we could spend less money to provide community-based drug programs that would address their underlying problems?

Nancy Lemon Deplores Rulings in Domestic Violence Custody Battles

Ms., Fall 2010 by Nancy Lemon (Link no longer active. Go to G:\Law School in the News\News Clips for article)

The problem of courts awarding custody of children to batterers is a huge one, affecting thousands of mothers and children across the U.S. every day. This takes a huge financial and emotional toll on the mothers, and many children are deeply emotionally hurt in the process. All too frequently, children are also physically abused and some are even killed by the batterers.

Nancy Lemon Fears High Court Ruling Will Put Guns in Hands of Batterers, July 2, 2010 by California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Nancy Lemon … said that abusers will frequently use the presence and threat of firearms as a means of coercing and controlling their victims. “Battered women are not only shot daily by batterers, they are terrorized by their batterers’ possession of guns,” she said. “They are often forced to submit to nonconsensual sex or other abuse because they are afraid the batterer might shoot them or the children. Victims and their children are much less safe in their homes once a firearm is present.”

Nancy Lemon Explains Domestic Violence Law

California Lawyer, March 2010 by Nancy K. D. Lemon (requires registration; go to G:\Law School in the News\News Clips for article)

Under California Penal Code section 1203.097, a batterer’s counseling is a term of probation after a conviction or guilty plea, and the probation can be revoked for noncompliance.

Nancy Lemon Opposes Cuts to Domestic Abuse Shelters

The Daily Californian, September 16, 2009 by Alan Cai

According to Nancy Lemon, a lecturer at Boalt Hall School of Law who studies domestic violence, agencies for the abused are a critical resource that have reduced homicide rates and ultimately save the state money. “Since each homicide costs approximately $1 million to the state for law enforcement, prosecution, jail, court time and other expenses, it is also indeed cost-saving to fund shelters,” she said.

Nancy Lemon Rebuts Criticism of Her Textbook, Domestic Violence Law

The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 10, 2009 by Nancy D. Lemon

Sommers seems to have made a career out of attacking other academics and researchers and disagreeing with their findings, citing the same assertions repeatedly over at least the last 15 years, even in the face of evidence contradicting her claims. It seems I have the honor of being her most recent target…. It is important for students to receive accurate information; good scholarship requires nothing less.

Nancy Lemon Explains Legal Option If Domestic-Abuse Victim Changes Story

Eureka Times Standard, August 3, by Thadeus Greenson

Nancy Lemon said financial dependence, wanting to keep a family together, immigration issues, family and religious pressures and a fear of retaliation can all play a role…. Faced with an alleged victim whose story has changed, Lemon said there are a variety of things prosecutors can do to proceed with the case…. “One of them is actually to call an expert witness. They would explain to the jury what the pressures are on victims not to go forward.”

Nancy Lemon Warns of Confrontation Clause Dangers

-KPCC Los Angeles, Patt Morrison, June 25

“I’m actually concerned because I think this case creates an incentive for batterers to kill their victims. If their victim is still alive, it’s easier for the prosecution to prove that the victim is being kept away. If she’s dead there’s no way to prove that.”

-KGO Talk Radio, 2 pm news hour, June 26, Gil Gross [archive unavailable]

“We need to give prosecutors the tools they need to convict people who kill their partners.”

Nancy Lemon Explains Push for Identical Spousal and Non-Spousal Rape Laws

The Times-Standard, March 23, by Thadeus Greenson

“The main goal was just to make it equal,” Lemon said, adding that she and others faced some opposition in changing the law. “I think No. 1 was the assumption that when people marry, they consent to sex—that wives consent to sex at any time, and don’t really have the right to say no.”