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Law schools at a crossroads: Weak job prospects, high tuition causing fewer to apply

Charles Weisselberg and Henry Hecht quoted in San Jose Mercury News, September 27, 2013

“I don’t think that law school is any longer the refuge it was 20 years ago for the liberal arts student who graduates from college and isn’t sure what he or she wants to do,” said Charles Weisselberg, a UC Berkeley law professor and associate dean. “People are more deliberate … and that’s a good thing.”

Following a mock deposition given by law school student Andrew Gordan, left, to Christine Rowland, right, lecturer Henry Hecht, center, gives feedback to Gordan as fellow law students listen in at UC Berkeley School of Law…. The class is a lesson in learning by doing and observing others said Hecht, who wrote a book on the topic.

Photos of Henry Hecht’s deposition class can be found here.

Henry Hecht Claims Courtroom Simulations Not as Good as Trial by Fire

NPR, Morning Edition, November 3, 2009 by Blake Farmer

“People talk about having your feet in the real fire as opposed to simulated training. It certainly can only go so far.” Still, Hecht says simulations are sometimes the best option.

Henry Hecht Notes Significance of Depositions Web site

“More than 98 percent of all federal civil cases are resolved without a trial. Therefore, a deposition may wind up being the real ‘trial’ in the case.”