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How to boost L.A.’s sinking transit ridership

Ethan Elkind writes for Los Angeles Times, Feb. 1, 2016

If transit leaders want to improve ridership, they need to find ways to reduce fares and make them more equitable, such as by accounting for distance traveled and providing universal passes for students.

UCLA and UC Berkeley say California has neglected biofuel opportunities

Ethan Elkind quoted in Biofuels Digest, Dec. 7, 2015

“We have the potential in California to produce a significant amount of low-carbon fuel to meet our transportation needs over the coming decades, but the state has not yet taken full advantage of its own agricultural opportunities to increase biofuel production.”

State should set goals on use of low-carbon biofuel

Ethan Elkind writes for The Sacramento Bee, Dec. 5, 2015

At the federal level, new rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued Monday will boost biofuel production nationwide, while in California, our environmental policies also promote low-carbon biofuels. But the state needs additional biofuel policies to reduce transportation emissions further and benefit local economies in the process.

New California climate law mandates 50 percent renewable power by 2030

Ethan Elkind interviewed on KQED-FM, Oct. 9, 2015

“If you look at what the bill does contain, it actually gets us most of the way to that 50 percent petroleum reduction. It does it by encouraging more electric vehicle usage through a pretty aggressive set of targets and goals that would enable utilities in particular to help develop charging infrastructures—so that more people can buy and drive electric vehicles and charge them outside of the home.”

San Diego transit stations get poor grades

Ethan Elkind cited in Dispatch Times, Oct. 7, 2015

Pulling down Southern California’s overall grade was the Green Line stretching along the 105 Freeway from Norwalk to Redondo Beach, said Ethan Elkind.

Statewide public rail transit report gives Downtown Berkeley BART station ‘A’

Ethan Elkind quoted in The Daily Californian, Oct. 7, 2015

Ethan Elkind — lead analyst for the report … described the Downtown Berkeley station as an example of a “good, successful area” because of the heavy foot traffic in and around the station and its proximity to amenities.

Metro receives average rating in statewide evaluation of rail transit stations

Ethan Eklind quoted in Los Angeles Times, Oct. 5, 2015

“There’s definitely room for improvement in Los Angeles,” said Ethan Elkind. … “Putting in the infrastructure is just part of the job. Development favorable to transit use has not happened in that many instances. They need to make sure that new growth is focused around transit systems.”

LA rail system ranks 3rd in state, half of 88 stations earn B or better

Ethan Elkind quoted in San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Oct. 5, 2015

Pulling down Southern California’s overall grade was the Green Line stretching along the 105 Freeway from Norwalk to Redondo Beach, said Ethan Elkind. … “Those stations along the Green Line did not score well because you will not have a lot of development when the station is in the middle of a freeway.”

Will Calif.’s ambitious policies to promote electric vehicles sell in other states?

Ethan Elkind quoted on ClimateWire, July 15, 2015

“Incentives have put California in a leadership position,” Elkind said. “I don’t know if we’ve inspired other states, but certainly other states have looked at our incentives. By changing it now to be income-based, we’ll see if that’s an area that boosts adoption.”

From a gas tax to a mile-based fee

Ethan Elkind interviewed by KQED-FM, March 26, 2015

“There should be a basic principle of fairness that if you drive five miles of roads, you should pay for those five miles. It shouldn’t depend on how much gas you’re using.”

Researchers encourage California policymakers to expand environmentally sustainable transportation

Ethan Elkind quoted in The Daily Californian, February 25, 2015

“We‘ve got crumbling roads … and transit systems that are overcrowded,” said Ethan Elkind. “We have too much traffic in general … and nowhere for people who are biking or walking.”

State must spend smarter on roads and ‘fix it first’

Ethan Elkind writes for The Sacramento Bee, February 19, 2015

Too often, decision-makers would rather fund new road and highway projects instead of improving our existing infrastructure and providing more affordable and convenient transportation options.

Improving customer access to energy data can cut costs, protect environment

Ethan Elkind quoted on, January 23, 2015

“Facilitating access to energy and market data—which can now be anonymized and aggregated without compromising customer privacy—can enable a host of more efficient and cleaner energy solutions, while also making it more economical for California to reach Gov. Brown’s climate change goals.”

Law shouldn’t be encouraging sprawl

Ethan Elkind writes for Daily Journal (registration required), December 12, 2014

“When it comes to analyzing transportation impacts, the current regime perversely penalizes transit-oriented infill projects and instead rewards outlying sprawl projects.”

Renewable energy farms spread throughout California deserts

Ethan Elkind quoted in Newsweek, November 24, 2014

But now, the phrase “China’s not doing anything” is off the table, says Ethan Elkind. … “The fact that China has committed to this puts the whole global effort [toward emissions reduction] into a new gear.”

The past, present and future of Metro rail in Southern California

Ethan Elkind interviewed on KPCC-FM, Airtalk October 9, 2014

“The way the rail system starts is that first you have to have the political maneuverings to get the funding, and, in the case of Los Angeles, you have an enormous county. … You have to develop a program that is going to meet the needs of that enormous constituency.”

Repurposing used EV batteries

Ethan Elkind interviewed on KCBS-AM, September 27, 2014

“Having this inexpensive energy storage available to people can really be a game-changer in terms of cleaning up our electricity supply and also generating a lot of jobs, potentially here in California. … There’s a lot of money at stake here, and a lot of environmental good to be done.”

Brown signs electric vehicle bills

Ethan Elkind interviewed on KCRW-FM, September 22, 2014

“The bill directs the California air resources board … to come up with a financing plan, basically looking at the market for electric vehicles going forward, knowing that the state has a goal of about 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025.”

Used EV batteries and California’s energy storage needs

Ethan Elkind quoted in Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, September 22, 2014

“Most batteries will retain much of their capacity and value after the use of the car,” said report author Ethan Elkind. “As a result, repurposing them can absorb excess renewable energy and dispatch it when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.”

Used batteries might help California store renewable energy

Ethan Elkind quoted in Scientific American, September 19, 2014

“California is perfectly positioned to be the leader in the country, if not the world,” Elkind said. About 40 percent of the nation’s electric vehicles are in California. The state just passed 100,000 registered plug-in EVs. There’s a need for storage because of the growing amount of renewable power, and utilities must comply with the storage mandate, he said.